Timothy Caron

bringing your congregation to life

providing a community to help Spread the Gospel.
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To connect the unconnected to Christ and together pursue full devotion to him

Let's Build it so they will come!

My Mission

Though I have built many a wordpress theme in my 7 years working with wordpress, for the corporate client, my true passion is for the church and it's community.

We should no longer wait for the world to come to Jesus, we must bring Him to the World.

This is a world wide mission, not just for our local congregation, but it does start here, by putting your Church Online you can reach more Soul's for Christ.

Design & Development

Let's sit down and talk about your churches mission and strike a balance that will help your congregation become more active in it's outreach.

Whether it's a complete redesign or a few modifications to your current website, I'm sure that I can meet your needs.

How It Works

Let's Connect

Communication is the key to any relationship, let's get to know each other.

Even when God asked Noah to build the Ark, he had to have constant communication for the instructions he required to meet God's needs.

And it takes time to cultivate that relationship

Let's Talk

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